The Monocle Health Solution

Monocle Health Data is the only company solely dedicated to providing unbiased healthcare provider rankings (severity adjusted) based on price efficiency and quality, for both episodic care and chronic illnesses. With its award-winning technology, Monocle uses multiple credible sources and software programs so users can find the most efficient providers with the best quality for their specific illness — in just five easy steps on a web-based platform.

In addition, Monocle uses a data cube format — allowing users to answer millions of questions in nearly real-time without additional costly programming and delays. Monocle is useful for employers, patients, health systems/ACOs, health plans, medical/disease management companies, reinsurers and anyone who wants unbiased, credible, meaningful and measurable information about providers who treat specific illnesses at the best price and quality

Monocle Health Data was named 2012 Intel Innovation Award finalist in recognition of Monocle creating a unique provider ranking solution generations ahead of anything in healthcare.

Choosing the Right Solution

What should you look for in a platform that ranks healthcare providers on price and quality?

  • Unbiased - independent, not owned or controlled by insurers, providers,networks or government.
  • Credible - population-specific price and quality data from multiple data sources, not just public domain.
  • Meaningful - price and quality rankings, physicians and hospitals, in and out of network, chronic illnesses and episodic procedures.
  • Measurable - reveals price and quality disparities, quantifies quality improvement, savings and ROI.


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Monocle in the News

Monocle Named 2012 Intel Innovation Award Finalist

View the Intel Innovation Award video

ATLANTA, GA, November 8, 2012 - Monocle Health was one of four finalists for the 2012 Intel Healthcare IT Innovation Award, which recognizes companies developing leading-edge technology and unique approaches to improving health.