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Thu, 03/07/2013

How do patients with specific illnesses find doctors with superior performance treating those illnesses and vice versa? Monocle is the only company ranking doctors and hospitals on price efficiency (258 chronic illnesses) and quality (300 quality indicators).  In fact, Monocle is so advanced that we were named one of only four finalists for the prestigious 2012 Intel Innovation Award for our unique healthcare solutions. 

Monocle is the first and only company to integrate both claims and EHR data to generate the most useable, flexible analytics solutions in healthcare—unbiased, credible, meaningful and measurable—all on a “real-time” platform fully operational in 30 days.

Monocle helps providers with solutions addressing referral management, population management, P4P metrics, ACO risk management, and much more.  And for employers and consumers, Monocle addresses their needs for Value Based Purchasing to receive better quality services at better prices.  You can trust our solutions because they’re based on hard, objective clinical and financial data—not opinions, no pay-to-play schemes.  And we’re unbiased; we’re not owned or controlled by insurers, providers or networks.

The need for unbiased healthcare provider rankings based on price efficiency and quality has become an issue affecting everyone in the healthcare chain – patients, employers, health systems, ACOs, health plans, medical and disease management companies and reinsurers.

In this blog you’ll find articles on topics that affect healthcare and the markets served by Monocle, presented for your consideration and comment.  Please visit us often to get the most current insights on the most important issues in healthcare.

Michael Cadger, Founder and CEO
Monocle Health Data, LLC

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