Data Imperatives

Provider Rankings – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good:  Employers, consumers and health systems want full comparative information that is credible, free of conflicts and easy to access. Monocle uniquely harnesses multiple analytic software tools and secure data storage to create query-based data cubes that to rank providers on quality and price efficiency.

The Bad:  Too many companies use vague terminology, irrelevant metrics and limited data sources, causing confusion and making provider comparisons difficult. Worse, some parties actively impede knowledge flow by claiming data ownership and censoring data for their own benefit.

The Ugly:  Many companies touting health information merely slap labels like "transparency" or "rankings" on products that are limited or have little to do with the topic. Even worse is advertising the availability of ranking but then only suggesting a plan to develop it; in another word, vaporware. Perhaps most disturbing are companies selling their version of independent data while failing to disclose conflicts of interest.

Only Monocle has a comprehensive quality and price ranking solution that is unbiased, credible, meaningful and measurable.


  • Independent source that’s not owned, controlled or influenced by:  insurers, providers, pharmacy, medical device or government
  • No anti-trust or price fixing issues


  • Commercial – not Medicare – claims data
  • Multiple nationally recognized accreditation, certification and licensing sources
  • Facts, not opinions – based on clinical outcomes rather than satisfaction surveys
  • HIPAA compliant – all products 


  • Provides both price and quality rankings
  • Includes physicians and hospitals
  • Reveals disparities for both in and out-of-network
  • Addresses chronic illnesses and episodic procedures


  • Metrics-driven with quantifiable savings and ROI
  • Objective goal-setting
  • Analytic reports to support disease management, medical management, case management, nurse advocate programs and pay for performance