Hospitals and ACO Challenges

Monocle’s ACO methodology compares your internal capabilities—function by function—to industry standards, allowing you to select which functions to retain, enhance, or outsource. We then help you select the “best of breed” vendors for your ACO needs. And we establish vendor performance standards and interoperability to drive optimal performance.

The ACO concept is not new; it’s just the new moniker for provider-sponsored health plans for which success has been rare over the past three decades. There are three fundamental reasons for these failures related to the lack of:

  • Data tools to manage risk (referral management with credible, immediate disease-specific analytics)
  • Comparative price efficiency and quality tools (provider-specific, disease-specific rankings of total annual price of managing each disease and robust, relevant, timely quality indicators)
  • Administrative infrastructure knowledge (the 16 ACO requirements)

Monocle’s solution is unique due to the use of the award-winning technology (2012 Intel Innovation Award finalist) to mitigate the risks outlined above.


Monocle's Solution

Monocle Health Data is the next generation of health system efficiency (price) and proficiency (quality) solutions. By combining rankings for both price and quality, Monocle identifies providers with the best value on a disease-specific basis and next generation analytics.

Employing multiple datasets from public, semi-public and private sources, Monocle's sophisticated algorithms transform volumes of complex information into easy-to-use decision tools, enabling health systems to optimize both proficiency and efficiency while communicating how physicians can improve their value and earn pay-for-performance rewards.

Unlike insurance health system assessment and pay-for-performance tools, Monocle’s solution is unbiased, network-agnostic and customizable, creating a single comprehensive platform that you control.


Monocle's Unique Advantages

  • Unbiased, credible, meaningful, measurable
  • Affordable subscription model
  • Customized and branded for each health system
  • Easy to use with intuitive navigation
  • Integrates with wellness, disease management, care coordination and P4P
  • Fully HIPAA compliant