Monocle Health Data is the next generation of provider price and quality performance reporting. Monocle identifies the best value providers and offers unmatched reporting insights through a unique data cube, allowing users to find answers quickly, credibly and without costly programming and delays.
Employing multiple datasets from public, semi-public and private sources, along with claims data that’s cross-referenced to quality criteria to see if the provider actually practices in a manner consistent with his/her credentials, Monocle's sophisticated algorithms transform volumes of complex information into easy-to-use decision tools, allowing users to make documented decisions based on both quality and price — because Monocle provides the original source documentation, not a “black box” of unsupportable conclusions.
All information is updated monthly and tested for validity prior to release.

Monocle Health Total Solution

The Monocle Health Total Solution gives users the three tools required for ranking price and quality and supporting documentation. It incorporates the Price Ranking Module, the Quality Ranking Module and the Reports Module.

Price Ranking Module

The Price Ranking Module provides information based on severity-adjusted paid claims data. Prices are available for episodic care (individual procedures) as well as for the annual cost of managing chronic conditions.

Quality Ranking Module

The Quality Ranking Module applies sophisticated algorithms to rank physicians and hospitals on meaningful, credible quality measures. Monocle's quality information is sourced from multiple national and state public, semi-public and private databases, then converted into an easy-to-use overview with access to detailed supporting information.

Monocle Health Reports

Monocle features over 65 monthly analytic reports in an easy-to-use data cube, providing answers to thousands of questions regarding  healthcare costs and quality trends. Monocle can also sort the data and produce a customized summary report on improvement opportunities.