Who Uses Monocle?

Large Self-Insured Employers

  • Supports adoption of high deductible healthcare plans by giving employees tools to make decisions based on price and quality
  • Reduces costs and improves quality by educating employees
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Hospital Systems and ACOs

  • Measurement tools showing disparity in provider resource utilization
  • Benchmarking by provider treatment of chronic illness and procedure
  • Expanding measurement of product line/physician profitability, quality and value
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Third Parties

  • Claims administrators – seeking to expand their product suite
  • Re-insurers – reduce frequency and severity of catastrophic cases
  • On-site clinic companies – directing care to the best value provider for occupational and non-occupational care
  • Nurse advocate/care management companies – better direct care within networks
  • Taft-Hartley plans – offers negotiating tool to quantify value of employer initiatives
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